Damian Mooruth

I failed so you don't have to...

I spent years in affiliate marketing I tried everything that looked shiny and profitable or free to join, promising big returns, Im betting I can list them all and we have at least one in common right? 

A little about me

I grew up in a small village called Heath Hayes, in the midlands ( Staffordshire ) with my twin brother..yes there are two of me! and my parents Christine and Vijay. My childhood was what most would describe as normal maybe a little boring to some but wouldn’t have changed a thing!

I spent a large chunk of my working life as a fully skilled baker although it is a fun and sometimes demanding job i felt I had pleased myself and essentially bummed around for about 10+ years, I may have had a great time and I had learned a lot but I didn’t have a career path, which worried me. I began to look into using my HND in computing and looked into online marketing.

With many (too many!) Years spent trying to find the winning online marketing strategy I have come across a lot of good and bad systems all of which I have spent time either learning from or wasting my time on. But this is the life of an internet marketer if it was that easy we would all quit our jobs and become internet marketers right? Well, that all depends if you are passionate about it which is maybe what bought you to my blog. Here I will be going into detail on a great online money-making opportunities I find and those that have worked for me and others to make money online, life changing money not the pocket-money methods.

How i got started

I started my online career out as a web and graphic designer, managing my own company. I enjoyed it and spent from 2007 right up to 2013 learning all the new methods of design and SEO ( search engine optimisation) until I soon discovered it was too much work for little money! 

Affiliate Marketing

I dove into the world of affiliate marketing  in 2013 since then I have signed up to many many many different affiliate programs and gained a huge scope on what works and what doesn’t. During my journey i have kept only a select few programs which i promote and leverage for my total online income.


My Discovery

After months of this hand to mouth kind of existence and living on “ok” commissions I had a true discovery moment. It suddenly occurred to me that I had the base knowledge for making commissions and knew how to do it even though they were small, the difficulty was the volume I had to make to survive. I realised all at once that it was the SIZE rather than the volume of commissions that counted. Everyone seems to be all about sales sales sales get those sales in, but what about if you needed just 2 sales a month to be comfortable ? I thought I should be promoting products that cost more which would earn me a larger commission from fewer sales, than spend all my time promoting lower cost products and making tiny commissions.

Business Education

So I began searching for ‘High Ticket Affiliate Products’ I instantly grew fond of a few great companies that offer business education and training on various marketing methods. This opened the doors to my high ticket and coaching path.

So I signed up not looked back since…

So i began bringing in Clients and building great relationships and building strong teams, I helped and coached them through my brand Inbox Project, teaching my fails, how to avoid them and what to really do to become successful online...without the nonsense. I quickly found my self as a household name "The no nonsense Marketer", For my honesty and hard working follow ups with my team.