Social Media

Social media is by far the most popular way of promoting your brand to a targeted audience without the need of investment. This however may take a long time to build good relationships and trust but as your following grows it becomes a lot easier to promote your products and services.

SEO- Search Engine Optimisation

This method would involve you writing a lot of content rich articles and blogs around the same topics that relate to your website you are looking to promote traffic to. LinkedIn is a great place to start writing articles as it is king of seo when it comes to social ranking. Google favours LinkedIn articles when displaying featured posts. If you google “what is htam” you will see my featured LinkedIn Article.

Start a blog and write daily or at least couple times a week about topics related to the niche that your website is in and make sure to include a link to your website in every single blog post.

It will be very worth adding rich snippets to your website and also make sure you're coding is up to scratch including all meta data… if this is gobbledegook to you then head onto an outsourcing site such as Fiverr.

Youtube Videos

This is a very popular and great way to get visitors to your website, not only can you physically point to your link in the description of the video but also it is a good chance for you to get returning visitors to your website if they subscribe to your channel. Video is quickly becoming the more favourable way of promoting a link rather than leaving it in a bunch of text.

Commenting, guest posting

This is a very easy yet very effective way of getting a bunch of free traffic to your website, to get this method moving all you do is search for topics around what your website is about and simply comment and get some engagement, you can then drop your link and ask people to check out your site. They are most likely going to visit as they are already engaging in the same niche. If you have a Youtube channel then this is also a very popular method by simply commenting on others videos, they will check your channel out and see your links in videos they watch.