Cool Facebook Ad Tool

Just a short article for you today about Facebook ads and how you can increase your conversions by ... spying on your competitors! Yes, thats right there is actually a cool tool that allows you too see examples of ads that have been placed by your competitor.

Get Inspired by how others (including your competitors) advertise on Facebook, you can even pin point ads by searching the gallery with filters and drill down to what ads you want to be inspired by.

Its called go and check it out now and see for yourself how easy it is to find live Facebook ads that you can tweak for your own campaigns and help increase your Click through rates. You can see the gallery of example ads for free but there is also a pricing plan if you want to start creating ads effortlessly using

Being a paid member allows to quickly create, analyse and optimise your Facebook Ads in an unbelievably simple way. You get two things which we all need, number 1 - Automation, saving you heaps of time and number 2 - simplicity, getting your ads set up quickly and easily.

Once the campaign is created, the awesome analytics allow you to see and really understand what is performing best and Adespresso actually optimises your campaigns automatically or you can do it manually of course.

Check out the video tutorial below to get a more in depth insight to Adespresso and wether it will be good for your Facebook Marketing, please leave any comments below if you are currently using Adespresso and how it's working out for you.