Like above, Attraction marketing doesnt just mean dressing up and trying to physically attract people but hey now that i got your attention ! Lets get to the No-Nonsense..

What is Attraction Marketing? 

Attraction marketing is creating content or taking actions, such as creating videos, that will attract people you do not know to want to know you better. So yes the lady above may be using the take action strategy but we dont all have the nice loudspeaker right?

I speak to a LOT of people that really dont fully understand Attraction Marketing and they always tell me that they are unable to do any Attraction Marketing until they have results. My reply to this is simple ...

"You need Attraction Marketing to help get you more results when you have no results right? So this means you are learning it either way so its time to pay it forward"

Its NOT all about you

Here are some common questions new entrepreneurs always ask when they are trying their hand at Attraction Marketing.

  • How do i get people to like me if they dont know me that well?
  • Why would people want to listen to me instead of the big names?
  • I dont know what to write about myself!

If you have ticked any of the above then im afraid... you are being very selfish my friend!

You see Attraction Marketing is about the your audience, not you. It is about doing things in a good way to get others to want to be around you...and that doesnt mean bragging about how much money you are making on every post. Check out my short video below about the right way to start a blog, this touches on what im talking about here "giving value".

Rejection Marketing

Any sort of marketing you do where your audience do not benefit but you clearly do is the total opposite of attraction marketing. Thats why im calling it rejection marketing because you simply do NOT ask for something from your audience without offering them some kind of value in return.

Two simple tips

Numero 1 - Start documenting your awesome moments in your life, cool holidays, cute moments with you and the kids, achievements to be proud about thats doesnt involve money. Take some short fun vacations away with the family. It is well known that People go on their social media platforms to escape their hectic lives and are sometimes looking for something good to read or view. Let them live through you...This little tip may improve your life and jazz it up a little and at the same time make you a better attraction marketer.

Numero 2 - I know i know and before shout at me through your screen im sorry for banging on about this but its just so important...Stop focusing on yourself and provide some value.

Identify problems with your target audience and then buy books or courses on how to solve those problems and then write about them or shoot videos about the solving of those problems. You dont even have to buy books or courses because guess what ? there are thousands of attraction marketers out there doing what ? yep you guessed it, they are giving value and this often involves free courses and books...feel free to use my blog as your bible! 

There is a lot more information out there on attraction marketing but follow these above two rules and you WILL be attracting more business and interest to YOU!

I hope this has helped answer the question and look forward to hearing your comments. As usual No Nonsense people! feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where you will find lots value being shared.