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Electroneum Review

What is Electroneum ?

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency built on its own blockchain. It was developed to specifically target the mobile gaming and online gambling markets. What I like about this new Crypto is that it has been designed with mobile-friendliness and fast transactions in mind.

When I say mobile friendly I mean groundbreaking ease-of-use for the ordinary mobile user. This is a currency that is going to take a huge leap forward against all the other crypto currencies with its ease of use and unique market and ability to Mine the coin on any mobile device.

WAIT ! What ?? yes thats right, you will be able to mine using the mobile app, Mobile Mining, that wont overheat your mobile or slow it down and best of all anyone can use it with zero knowledge !

Who is behind Electroneum?

Electroneum has an experienced team of software developers behind it whom are led by Richard Ells who has 20+ years of experience running digital companies, he was the former technical director of Site Wizard LTD and now the CEO of Retortal which is valued at over $50 million USD today, and the software is used daily by hundreds of thousands of people.

Richard Ells - CEO/Founder Electroneum LTD

Richard Ells - CEO/Founder Electroneum LTD

Richard Ells offers social media marketing to various companies including Fortune 500 companies like Herbalife and Avon, this combined with all the experience and success and a highly skilled team of software developers you can be rest assured Electroneum means business!

So what makes Electroneum different to the rest?

So why would you invest your time in Electroneum over the hundreds of other cryptocurrencies and Alt coins on the market today? Why should you use Electroneum instead of bitcoin, Ethereum, or any altcoin? I will go over the main advantages and unique points but you can check the full Whitepaper out here.

Main unique advantages of Electroneum

  • First of all Electroneum relies on its own purpose-built blockchain unlike many other cryptocurrencies, which are based on existing blockchains like Ethereum. Electroneum’s blockchain is based on the original bitcoin source code.
  • Electroneum can easily be transferred between different games, apps, and users, and these transactions will be very fast secure micro-transactions.
  • One of the major points to Electroneum is the decimal places in its value, due to the 21 billion supply compared to that of 21 million of Bitcoin. Electroneum will have only 2 decimal places which will give it a real money feel, That means you’ll see a price labelled as something like “10.99 Electroneum” instead of “0.00678161 BTC”.
  • Electroneum wallets are easily manageable on any smartphone. Coins can be generated by a unique mobile miner running as a background activity on your device, not overheating or using crazy resources like you see on mining rigs.

How does Electroneum work?

If you are familiar with Cryptocurrency mining you would know that they are mined with special rigs such as PCs with multiple GPUs inside. Electroneum has something that will revolutionise this market and will actually allow users to mine the currency with their mobile device.

Approximately 2 billion people own a smartphone...this is a huge market for Electroneum and Electroneum works by harnessing power from all smartphones to power the network, you can control all aspects of Electroneum from your mobile wallet. The company will begin by releasing their iOS and Android app on October 31, 2017.

Do you want to get involved and make some good profits ?

The Electroneum crowdsale began on September 14. Promotion price started with 150 coins for every $1 USD you contribute. By the last week of the sale (October 19 to 31, 2017), that rate will drop to $1 USD per 100 coins.




A total of 6.3 billion Electroneum coins will be available during the crowdsale. You can participate using Ethereum, bitcoin, or bank transfer.

I hope this has helped you all make your decision on whether or not to invest into Electroneum, As always please do leave your comments below, any questions you have I will try my best to answer. Please no spamming of Links I review all comments before they are placed.






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