The Money Is In The List...and follow up

There are a number of factors to consider when answering this question. I will go through 5 here:

1. Size of your email list

2. The products you market

3. The niche you are marketing in

4. Your copywriting skills

5. Autoresponder sequence, Follow up

List Size

They say that a huge list brings in more sales than a small list, My name is Damian Mooruth the No-Nonsense Marketer and this my friends is NONSENSE!. The size of your list really doesn't matter, it is the leads that live in your list that matter. Are they super targeted or did you just buy them onto your list. Let me explain... 

Buying leads for your list is a big no no in my eyes because these leads have never met you before as in they haven't read about you and CHOSEN to opt into your list. This means they most probably are not going to be interested in opening your emails. They may have been sold to you in the same niche but you don't know what they were originally interested in. 

When they actually read your content and go through your sites and follow you on your social media and think actually you know what I'm gonna subscribe to this guy! BOOM! they are worth 10 times more than 100 or even 1000 bought leads and that my friends is No-Nonsense marketing. 

The Products you market

Another big factor is the product itself, is it low ticket or high ticket? Because you can make thousands or even millions by sending out a high ticket offer to a small targeted list than you would sending a small ticket out to a massive list. High ticket products are products that hold a value of 1k and above so ultimately makes a big difference on how much you can make from your list of interested buyers.  

The Niche you are marketing in

Again this links in slightly to what i mentioned earlier about high ticket and low ticket. If you are in a niche that predominantly operates in a lot of product areas then this can actually out-weigh the small targeted high ticketniche. Let me give you an example, Fitness is a good niche as it hold both small and high ticket products which is perfect for building that sales funnel from low front end offers (fitness tips book) to high backend ( treadmills, expensive coaching programs ). Where as if you are in the "save money" niche or say "dog grooming" then yes these are popular also but they don't have that full range of low and high ticket. So being involved in more than one niche can be beneficial to how much money you can make online using email marketing. 

Your Copywriting Skills

When sending out mail to your lists it is vitally important that you get your copy spot on or at least so it makes sense to the reader and engages them and solves the problem they are on your list for in the first place. Remember they signed up to your list because they originally liked what you wrote about or they trust you, so don't go changing your tone and start firing away offers to them and let them see you as an annoying sales person. If you just want to shoot them a quick offer then make some catchy headlines, introduce yourself again, for example Hey! Its Damian I came across another awesome deal i thought id share with you. Spelling and grammar can also make a big difference in your lists trust and open rates...Never make a spelling mistake on your subject line, not a good start. 

Auto Responder Sequence and follow up

When setting up your autoresponder make sure to have a good mixof relationship building emails in with your offers as again you don't want to scare your list off by being a pushy one likes them ( no offence ) but everyone likes a friendly face. Start your sequence off with the small ticket products like books etc to warm your buyers up then start following up with your buyers personally and offer them the higher ticket. Your autoresponder can also be set up to do this for you too. Having a good autoresponder sequence and following up with your buyers will be the turbo in your money making engine for email marketing. much money can you make in email marketing, you tell me? 

Damian Mooruth

The No-Nonsense Marketer