New full screen videos in vertical state will capture more attention in Newsfeed

Its official ! Facebook now shows vertical videos in your mobile news feeds, this is great news for us Internet Marketers ! Why? well we shall dive a little more into this now. But the main point you want to know is that Facebook has been testing this by presenting the same videos in the typical Horizontal and the vertical and have seen that people watch vertical videos longer and with sound on when those videos are actually presented vertically in their feeds.

All you pro Marketers out there reading this post are more than likely shouting at me right now saying " but facebook announced this in 2015! " well that may be true but Previously vertical videos were cropped into squares when displayed in people’s news feed, and you had to actually click to see the vertically oriented version. Not anymore my friends!... Now vertically formatted videos, including ads and Live broadcasts :)  will appear as vertically formatted videos in iOS and Android users’ news feeds, this means less interaction required from your potential clients and more chance to grab attention.

                                       Snap Chat still wins with its full screen view on videos

                                       Snap Chat still wins with its full screen view on videos

Although Facebook is supporting vertical video more now and even formatted, the videos will still appear in people’s feeds in a 2:3 aspect ratio so they won’t take up the whole screen..the way they do on Snapchat. To see a "full-screen" vertical video on Facebook, people have to click on the video in their feed, then click on the expanded video, then arrows will appear in the upper right corner to finally make the video full-screen.

See this video on how to make clever use of this new update, all credit of this video goes to Barton F. Graf 9000 who recently came up with a clever hack for Little Caesars Pizza to show just how much space creatives are missing out on.

This is a Little Ceasers case study

So if you wanna be cool and enter this new era of video then you need to go vertical! Check out my previous blog posts on Snap Chat and instagram stories. And guys as usual please feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post for your views and any input to help others... please no spamming thats just not cool. Thanks!