Using Facebook events will not only grow your business but also create new leads that you don't actually do any work for..because others will do the inviting for you. Here are my top tips for making money online with Facebook events.

Always have a quality product

If your are creating your event for your business then alwways make sure you have a quality product to show upfront to gain the attention, because remember these potential leads to your business are investing more time than money as its an event...someones Time is an harder sale in my opinion. Creating a quality product will always get your potential leads to invest their time.

Broad or Niche?

Next you want to decide on how big your event is becuase if you are looking for thousands to attend your event then your advertising can be quite broad where as if you have a small business and you are hosting a small event to attract targetted buyers then you need to drill down to a specific dont want thousands of people clicking your ads with no intention of investing their time.

Build a facebook business page

Always split your personal and business life on facebook by creating a business facebook page and using this page for your event. If your event happened twice a year, you could simply adjust the cover photo to your business page and profile image to reflect the upcoming event. Make sure to add your page link in your events. Add the events tab to your facebook pages too so that current fans of your page can also see new and upcoming events.

Create a facebook ads account

Instead of creating an ad for your page or website, try creating an ad for your event. Using targetting for your specific event will get you a higher click through rate and also dont forget what i mentioned earlier...the ability for people to invite their friends directly from the ad.


When starting your ad campaign i recommend that you dont set a daily budget but instead use the "lifetime budget" option as you want a steady flow of targetted traffic to your event rather than it showing up on everyones newsfeed one day and blowing your budget.

I recently promoted an event for a free live workshop that shows you how to build an online business with no experience with computers and i targetted a specific area, my lifetime budget was just £90 and this is the response i got over the two week lifetime budget:

If you are interested in this event i run them all the time so click the image to find out more.

If you are interested in this event i run them all the time so click the image to find out more.

£90 may seem a lot but at this event the leads were able to purchase a range of products from $400 upwards. So remember to budget it your possible sales that you will get dont over spend and kill your profits.

Short and sweet

One of the big changes that happened in 2012 is that members can now see their invites in calendar format. That means only three or four words of the name will show up on your Events page. If you’ve created an event with a long title then people may simply gloss over it. Use a name that’s simple and direct to do with your event that will catch their attention.

Now leverage it!

Now that you have built up the following on your event you may want to leverage all these leads by sending them to your business website, this will not only work for you by giving them more information about what the event is promoting but also a chance for you to make some extra sales.

Dont get banned!

When you create your event always abide to facebook rules. Creating an event that simply suggests making lots of money online does not pass for a a good event advertisement facebook will want to endorse and they will simply suspend your account...yes its that strict. Be mindful of how your description comes accross and advertise your event as an opportunity to build and grow, obviously this part doesnt apply to generic events such as weddings e.t.c. Always make sure your links in and out of your event are all pointing to the same business or else facebook will not show your event and you will be asked to change the links.

Hope this gives you some sort of a start and guidence to your facebook event