So its that time of the year when everyone makes a resolution for the new year or set a goal to hit by the end of the year. One of the most popular is to become an entrepreneur, get out of the 9-5 job and simply make a better life for yourself.

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is to choose a direction for themselves and they stick to it for only couple years and then start jumping to different niches or taking different routes. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur you must fully learn your original direction, spend at least 8-10 years becoming an expert in your niche. Ten years seems a long time right? but seriously this the average rate for all entrepreneurs that make it in their niche.

Fail to succeed...find those parts.

Remember it’s at the start where you’re most likely to fail. Your aim is to build that money-making machine, but you just don’t have all the parts and the ones that you need might cost you more than you can afford. The ideas you are having are probably not making sense in some parts or you feel you haven't really thought it through properly. Don't worry because all this is absolutely normal for an entrepreneur starting out.

Pick one direction and stick to it

There are hundreds or directions you can take when starting out as an entrepreneur in fact way too many for me to list.

  • Consulting - Marketing, IT, CPA, Online success
  • Health and fitness - Nutrition, PT, Equipment and clothing, DVD
  • Financial - Stocks, Forex, Insurance, banking
  • Entertainment - Music, writer, fashion and makeup
  • Design - Web, print, Media

As you can see the different niches you enter will have different directions/routes to take and its important you choose one and stick to it for a while, become an expert at your chosen route and don't divert.


Go under a wing, learn from someone who has done your route

What a lot of entrepreneurs do is work for a company that is directly related to your chosen path, you should learn everything there is to learn and use this experience and knowledge to build your entrepreneurship.

Follow someone who is doing what you want to be doing, someone who is an expert at your niche and is having huge success..Success always leaves clues.

Become an expert

Once you learn your niche from a business or consulting with an expert and listening and learning everything there is to learn, its time for you to stay on this route and keep doing what your doing, even if small results it still means you are becoming an expert. Work from the bottom and get to the top, this is why I say 8-10 years is what it takes to become a real entrepreneur.

Do it better

When you think you have become an expert start making a list of things that you think you could do better in your business. There are always different and better ways to do something. The world is always evolving, so become the expert and be in the know of all changes and do things better. Every niche will have updates throughout the year but where do you think these new changes come from ? Someone in your niche has figured out a way to "do it better" and actually they are selling this new method to everyone in the niche, or becoming a coach and building a bigger following buy showing how to improve your ethic in your business.

Be the authority in your niche

So you done all the above, you have chosen your route and followed it and in fact along the way you have worked your way to the very top and even found ways to make your niche better and easier to work.

Now you can be the voice for your followers and show people what it is your doing, tell your story and teach your success. Everything you have done to set up your business and get the results you wanted can be taught to new entrepreneurs just starting the same route that you have just taken and become an expert in.

Make videos and upload to youtube every week and watch how people will start subscribing wanting learn, write a blog and give tips and great content on your chosen niche, the more content you put out there showing how you have become an expert then the easier it will be for you to make money in your niche.

Inbox project is my route and its all about building a laptop lifestyle, if you are interested in learning about what I do to make a living online then check it out and I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey to success.