If your not aware of how Twitter can build your authority in any niche then you really need to check Hashtagify.me out and maybe you will be all over your twitter account after you see how popular your current tags are.

You see Hashtagify.me is a free tool that allows you to find which hashtags are the best ones for your goals, taking all the hard work away from you as you wont need to research current trends. You don’t even have to sign up. Just go to hashtagify.me and start. Like most services, they offer an upgrade to pro where you will get a bit more information about your Hashtag searches.

Dont just choose any hashtags, you need to make sure they are already popular..

By now you should have a list of Hashtags that make sense to your project, for instance if you are an affiliate marketer then you most likely have #AffiliateMarketing as one option. When you enter your Hashtag it will populate with up to 30 bubbles floating around it, all different sizes. The larger bubbles are the most popular Hashtags and the lines that link to your chosen word will be different thicknesses, these show how popular the connection is between the two ( thicker being better). Searching for variants of those tags in Hashtagify.me should help you get a much clearer picture of what your options are. 

The more tags you use and deeper variants of those tags, the more traffic you will generate to your website your attaching the tags to. You will see an option to view the top influencer for your chosen tags, I advise you follow these people because they are using your chosen tags correctly and they can influence you to do the same.


I hope I have done a good job of explaining how you can use Hashtagify.me to expand your audience reach, grow your following, formulate new strategies and more importantly grow your brand and your business and possibly reap some ROI.