Before we go any further lets make it clear, this article is all about why you simply MUST have the right work ethic to get any sort of success. This article is not for those who want to "change" their work so that they automate their business, it is not for those that want a 4 hour week or don't want any real place in business...No 4 hour work week will ever develop a big successful business that reaches out to people and helps them in such a way that can change their life.

Without a strong work ethic, you simply won't make it as an entrepreneur period!

The definition of work ethic

"Activity that requires effort to achieve a purpose + the standard of behaviour that is or is not acceptable to you."

You need to determine your standards of behaviour and what is and is not acceptable to you and what you want to achieve and also what type of effort you want to put in. So when I get asked for help to improve ones work ethic I simply say that I don't know all the above, what is acceptable to them or their standard of behaviour.

Im going to share with you some tips on what works for me and many other entrepreneurs, but this doesn't work for those that want the automation and couple hours of work a week..I am not against this standard of behaviour I just know what works for me and many other successful entrepreneurs, wanting to work more to help others is what eventually grows your business.

Tip #1 - Show up and be consistent

By this I mean try to get some momentum in your business because those entrepreneurs that steadily grow their business and results are the ones that show up every day despite any obstacles because we all have them, you just need a way around wether it be taking a different route or climbing over. Either way to show up and become predictable to your followers is showing you are a real business serious about helping others find solutions. The consistency part is where you show up week in week out and do your job as to what you expect and is acceptable to you and before you know it after all the consistent predictable work, your business will start to grow.

Tip #2 - The do more and do it now mentality

Look around you, if you see someone reading a book a week - you read two, If someone finds 30 prospects on Facebook you go find 50, If someone calls it a day at 6pm you carry on till 8pm, this is what I mean by the do more mentality. Once you are pushing yourself to do more then you need to subscribe yourself to the do it now mentality. You get a lead come through your email with their contact details but its late and your calling it a day so you say to yourself "ill call them first thing in the morning" ... No No call them now! don't procrastinate, do it now mentality.

Tip #3 - Find a spotter

Just like in the gym you need someone there pushing you when you really don't feel like pushing. There are going to be days where you just don't have the energy to write that article or follow up with those leads, this is where you need a work buddy to help motivate you, find someone you can talk to and allow them to motivate you to "do it now".

Tip #4 - Focus

Don't make any excuses that you can't stay focussed because you can stay focussed if you train your mind to do so. The brain is like a muscle ready to grow, you gotta train it to do what you need, train your mind to be focussed. Eating right plays a part here because eating the right foods gives you the energy you need to focus and last longer.

Tip #5 - Make a to-do list

You most likely already have a plan all set out but are you making a to-do list of things that you must get done over a period of time, a good to-do list should be long enough for you not to worry about starting new projects as you look at your list and know what you need to do every day.

You should now start to see your work ethic taking shape.

Tip 6# - Let go and outsource

In order for you to really focus on all these tips you need to start outsourcing the work that you don't need to be wasting your time doing, you can then concentrate and focus on your to do list. You need to stop wasting your time trying to perfect that one job,

Tip #7 - Escape plan

As a hard working entrepreneur, your hours could get long and your to do list becoming more challenging, you've got to find ways to have your own release. You've got to find ways to have your own escape and reward yourself for all your hardwork. Spend some time with the family, watch a movie with the wife or take the kids out, this then starts off a good healthy work ethic.

So stick to these tips and your work ethic will improve tremendously remember to dictate what your standard of behaviour is going to be and what is and is not acceptable to you.

I hope this helps and as always please leave any comments or thoughts you have below.