As I have always said and practiced, you should never put all your eggs in one basket, when marketers and their webmaster started out a few years back ( and only a few ) it was all about becoming that google sensation and getting on the first page for your niche keyword.

But then an explosion occurred ... everyone was talking about or you could say socialising. You guessed it, social media.

Social media is quickly becoming a number one priority for any business wanting to survive online and more importantly drive traffic to their offers. The reason why social media exploded on to the digital marketing scenes was actually due to Google changing the way it sees social media signals. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all high authority for SEO ( search engine optimisation ) meaning they will help your website rank within Google if you have any of them connected for google to see.

Diversifying your traffic

My advice is to register for each of the main social media platforms and start building your brand on each making sure that in each of the bio or about section of the platform you are linking to your website ( this is where Google will reward you ).


Diversifying your website traffic sources will ensure that your business does not get lost in a Google algorithmic update. Always try to add your website to as many high authority places as possible and build on them don't just leave them because building traffic from Google requires consistent effort for 3 months or more.

Drop comments in high websites

Back in the early millennium (around 2006 ) it used to work dropping hundreds of comments on blogs that allowed do-follow links but this just won't work anymore. Programs such as Comment spam monitoring tool, Kismet, shoves off around 7.5 million spammy comments an hour! You see in terms of todays SEO, a single contextual backlink from an authoritative website will outrank 10 quality comments.


When done right, comments are a great way to show your knowledge and let people see you as an authority in your niche and this helps to build your brand. You can still use commenting to rank and you won't get penalised if done right, Check out the video below by Matt Cutts.

Even though no-follow comments are not counted by Google to rank your website they are great for starting to build relationships with your readers, this is why you should be leaving comments on relevant sites moving forward into 2017, not just to gain ranking because it won't work for you.

Email Traffic

Still to this day Email Marketing remains one of the best sources of traffic for engagement and conversions. If you already have a great email list then you can increase your traffic to your website by simply tweaking your subject lines, this can make all the difference for increasing your open rates and more importantly getting more engagement with your websites or articles you are linking to.

Be unique with your subject lines don't use the same old boring lines " business opportunity for you" can easily be more engaging by changing to " NEW! must see business opportunity" just by adding these 3 words it appears more fresh and enticing.

Always build your relationship with your list before you start sending your links to increase traffic, give them plenty of free value first such as linking to your blog posts and then when they become a regular reader of your blog you can then step up your traffic to your primary business.

Facebook Ads

No marketer enjoys spending money to increase their reach but the truth is if you only have a small following on Facebook then you're not going to get much engagement from your organic posts. If you notice having 100 likes on a post in todays marketing world isn't going to trigger much engagement i.e comments and shares.

So you need to invest just a little money in Facebook ads and see for your self the increase in engagements and eventually traffic to your links.

One of the main reasons why Facebook ads are great is because of the demographic targeting options available. You can also A/B test various images and text in your ads.

Try choosing your most engaged Facebook posts and "boost" them to extend your reach and thus increasing your blog traffic which in turn will increase your return traffic which we all know is important for SEO.


Arrange to be interviewed by an influencer in your niche.. and don't worry it's not as hard as it sounds and you're not too small to be interviewed, heres why...

When you arrange an interview by an influencer or high authority website then both you and the interviewer will benefit because you if you can request that they share the interview with their followers on social media and this will give you access to their thousands of followers...meaning more traffic for you. They will also gain from this arrangement because you will be sharing the interview yourself giving them exposure to your own followers not to mention giving good content and value so it becomes a win win for both parties.

Have you mastered any of the above? Or do you have any questions regarding the article? I would love to hear your insights, please leave a comment below.