So firstly PLR stands for "Private Label Rights" so when I say PLR product then it is a product that comes with full private label rights. If you have ever been in the software sales niche then you will know of white labelling, PLR is similar.

The crazy thing is PLR Products can bought quite cheap and even more crazy is that you can legally sell the product as your very own to your customers, and not only that but you can also edit and change the product as you like. So you can add your own branding, logo and names and make the product a part of you're marketing arsenal.

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You can research PLR products and you will find that most have a proven track record of sales. To get all this you just pay a one time fee for the product and the license. Some PLR products even come with the marketing material to help you sell your new product.

There are some bad parts to using PLR and the main one has to be that you got to remember is that your PLR product is not unique to you as others may have purchased the same PLR product, so you do run the risk of your followers or subscribers thinking you are copying others and if they don't understand PLR then they will label you as a scam...harsh but true.

So you have researched all PLR products out there and you found the perfect one for your niche, time to start creating that content filled website and make them all about your product.

PLR Bonus

Use PLR products as a bonus for your landing page, Also known as a lead magnet, this is where you offer something free to your reader in exchange for their email address. So your PLR product should be all ready, branded to you and set for your traffic.


Use the material

If you find a good PLR book for instance you can take the content from the book and feed it into blog posts over a period of time. Another similar choice, which I recommend, is to use the content once again but split it across your autoresponder funnels, all good content and value you can take credit for... it almost makes you feel guilty but hey you bought the License.

So as you can see there are many ways you can make money using PLR products, Start Googling now and see for yourself how easy it is. Hope this small brief article has given you an insight into private label rights and how you can make it work for you. As always please leave comments below.