Every good marketer today knows that social media is a top influence when it comes to Google ranking, but how do you get Google to notice your social media profiles. My best piece of advice to this question is stay active...

Just like Google loves regularly updated websites or blogs, they also love regularly updated social profiles. Not so long ago SEO revolved around two things ...Using the right keywords, and the number of authoritative sites that linked back to your site or blog. Then Social media began to change everything about SEO.

The major search engines such as Google now see social signals as a high priority when ranking websites, such as Facebook likes, Twitter retweets and Google +1, the more your website is connected to social media the better, but your social media must also be kept updated regularly.

Content is king

Yes we hear this over and over again but there is a reason for this.. Because its too true! Google will always favour quality over quantity when driving search traffic to a website. In order for your content to be loved by Google you must try and write how you speak, write for SEO and your followers and don't just try to rank your content with keyword after keyword. Search engines know when content is overflowing with keywords.

I always keep my content Free-flowing because I know that interesting content attracts links and social interaction from my followers, where boring keyword smothered content simply doesn't.


Social Sharing

Getting people to share your content on the main social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ allows your message to potentially reach thousands of prospects. Adding share buttons to your content allows your followers to easily share your great content. But you must make sure it is an optimised share button that automatically generates custom information for your brand such as adding your twitter handle when sharing a tweet. Check out this article from social media examiner, explaining what an optimised share button is and how to install them to your website or blog content.

Optimise Images for Search

Images have always been know to marketers as a powerful magnet to draw your readers in and also, when done correctly, can boost your SEO ranking. Optimised images are essential for social media marketing and help to optimise your social media further. Images are hosted in their billions by high authority sites such as Flickr.. 13 billion to be exact. But now we have seen the likes of Pinterest and Instagram exploding with growth over the last couple of years.

  • Pinterest has grown by over 6000%
  • Instagram is set to add over 26 million users over the next 4 years

So as you can see its important to get your images right and optimised for social media sharing. Here are some tips:

File name: When saving your image file make sure to customise the name using a keyword related to the image. Usually a file would automatically be given a name such as img09348.jpg but if your image is showing something to do with social media for instance then call it social-media.jpg.

Multiple Social Media Sites: Include your optimised images on as many social media platforms as possible so that your potential sharing reach is maximised.

Caption Text: The text that describes the image is important as it will help search engines make that link to the text that surrounds the image.

Image Linking: Links to your image from other pages or the page its on can help search engines rank your page.

Alt Text: Adding text that describes the image will help search engines but also you will be helping visually impaired too which is also going to help you're ranking. Remember that Alt text is there to help so don't try to put in too many keywords here.

Social sharing: Make it easy to share your image for your readers this way your image will get shared and your content seen by more targeted audience.

Track and analyse

We all know that tracking is important when using links in our marketing campaigns but do we all track our social media posts? Always measure your social media efforts and track what is popular and what isn't attracting any social flares at all. This way you can concentrate more on what is working and optimise that side of your social media.

Most social media platforms now allow you to track a posts performance this will also give you an idea of what style is working for you and wether or not the inclusion of certain images has helped too. Here is a great article by ComScore all about measuring what works in your social me.

Please leave some positive comments below if you have anything to add or if this has helped you with your social media.