Hands up if you want to change your life.

Hands up if you want to quit your 9-5 Job.

Hands up if you want more time with your friends and family.

Hands up if your sick of worrying about your next bill.


Ok everyone you can put your hands down now and let me introduce you to my good friend Mr High Ticket, he sometimes likes to be called HTAM.

Mr HTAM loves high ticket affiliate marketing in fact it's his main source of income.



Learn how to make money in high ticket affiliate marketing by following these simple steps and taking note. These three tips, which I am about to give you, will work in most if not all HTAM programs.



Tip # 1 - Don't believe all the Mr Low Tickets

If your actively searching HTAM or high ticket affiliate marketing you will discover that there are plenty of people that will be quick off the mark to tell you it’s easier to sell low-ticket affiliate products than high ticket affiliate products...Please ignore them because its utter poop!

If you are one of my followers you will know that I am known as the No Nonsense Marketer and I will always share with you what works and give you my honest opinions. If you check out my blog you will see a post all about stepping out your comfort zone, this will help you understand why these people say its easier to sell low ticket products. The reason is because they are simply to scared to step out of that comfort zone and try selling high ticket, they use the excuse that they think people won't be able to spend a high amount of money on one product.

Here is my answer to that...

As you can see there are actually some smart people out there that don't want to be stuck in the 9-5 job and actually want to make more than 3 figures in a day, crazy right? Not at all! these people have enrolled into HTAM and have stepped out their comfort zones to learn all about high ticket affiliate marketing and put what they learned into action.

Once you get just ONE sale yourself this is a powerful marketing tool to use.. maybe show Mr Low Ticket how easy it is. Because once you get only one sale this is setting you up for the month, where you will need at least 50 low ticket sales to catch up...which one would you prefer to chase?

All you need to do is target the right customer, which leads me onto my next tip.

Tip #2 - The hungry buyer

Lets say you have 100 Burgers to sell and you enter a room full of vegetarians...you're not gonna sell those burgers right ? Because this room of people are interested in good healthy vegetarian food.

Same goes for High Ticket affiliate marketing all you need is an audience of hungry buyers ready to change their life just like you are ( I know this because you have landed on this post ). So how do you find the right people ? This is my list of recommended sources which has worked for me and many other high ticket affiliate marketers.

Facebook Ads - Facebook is by far one of the best platforms for advertising your brand to a super targeted audience. The reason for this is its Audience Insights tool which actually lets you see purchase information about your target audience, including online purchase behaviour, which categories they're mostly likely to buy in, and location data that may help you identify where to run special promotions for your high ticket events.

Solo ads - Solo ads are certainly are dark area for us marketers but you just need to know the difference between a high quality provider to a scamming low quality solo provider. Someone that is offering you 300 clicks for $100 or less for example are certainly not sending your offer to a list of hungry buyers. A good quality solo ad will bring you results, if you have your funnel set up correctly of course. I highly recommend Igor Kheifets as he is the legend of solo ads and provides you with a new virgin risk-free traffic source... Igor and his team literally cherry pick the best prospects for your offer.

If you want some tips on what emails to include in your autoresponder follow up then check out my blog post here : 

Medium - High ticket groups - This is a free method that can either work quickly and well for you or long winded but proves successful. If you enter any social media platform you will see you can search for groups, people, topics etc, all you need to do is search for "similar" medium - high ticket products and groups relating to this.

What you will find are people have already joined paid programs and are looking for advice, this is where you step in with your authority and start building your relationship with them. Don't pitch right away, let them see the success you are having with your high ticket program and also the great content and value you give. Soon enough they will want to know more about what you are doing and how they can join.

YouTube - This is a chance for you to upload short videos letting others know all about what you are involved in, show results either from you or others from your program ( with permission ). Using keywords like "review" or "how to sell high ticket" will grab attention from people who are sitting on the fence with HTAM. When you have your videos uploaded you can drive traffic to these videos from all angles such as your email follow up, blog posts, Facebook status updates and more.


Tip # 3 - Use a system that does all the work for you

So you could do most of the above yourself including writing your own emails out, creating your own website, following up with your leads with a phone call, creating lots of your own products to sell and organise events for people to come along and learn all about your business....

Or you could just find a system that does all the above for you and you need to concentrate on is sending the traffic. I am involved in a great business model that does exactly that and has paid out over $75,000,000 and counting! My own brand that helps you to succeed in HTAM - High Ticket Affiliate marketing is called Inbox Project, I highly recommend you come and check us out if you are serious about changing your life around and start making life changing earnings.

Check out my short video and see where I came from and what I'm doing in HTAM right now.


Follow my 3 tips above and you’ll certainly position yourself to earn some life changing commissions so you can quit your 9-5 and spend more time doing what you really want to be doing with your life.