I know this is simple marketing 101 but I feel it needs to be covered as there are so many blogs out there that really doesn't grasp this, I have read them and I'm not going to name them.

When it comes to turning cold leads into high ticket buyers all through the power of your content marketing strategy there seems to be a big misconception and here it is...

Content marketing = Blogging

Granted blogging is pretty much what content marketing is all about right? but this only forms one part, even though a major part of your content marketing it is still the very first step when converting your cold leads to hot high ticket buyers. In order for this to happen they must first go through the 3 steps of the simple funnel process, starting at the top.

After your followers have read your blog posts and you have gained their trust enough to subscribe to your list then this is where their journey begins, yours too.


TOFU - Top of the funnel

The top of your funnel should be all about introducing yourself ( if you are your own brand ) or your company to your new lead. Tell them a brief story about yourself and how you began your journey online, they will most likely relate. When a prospect enters your funnel believe it or not they are not fully aware of their problem and therefore don't know about your solutions. So this is your chance to make them aware of their problems so you need to engage them on a personal level.

Remember that they will have zero motivation in giving you any more information about themselves or money for that matter so the top of the funnel in my opinion is the most import section. Three things you need to do to succeed in TOFU are educate, entertain and inspire your prospects, in order to do this you must use readily available free content such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media
  • Webinars/podcasts
  • Books/Ebooks
  • Success proof, photographs of your travels.

Use all these to entertain, educate and inspire you prospect to want to know more and thus slowly warming them up for MOFU...

MOFU - Middle of the funnel

This is where you position yourself as the best solution to your prospects problems, show them what you have to offer but first incentivise them to wanting to know more. You will need to be unique and stand out from the crowd, show them you are fresh and ready to help. Most internet marketers do this in the form of a lead magnet.

This is where you offer your prospect free content such as a book download, webinar or event in exchange for their contact info which should include their email address. Remember when you get new leads that enter your funnel and start receiving your mail, they will not be in a position to purchase anything from you just yet. The next stage is to nurture your leads by continuing to offer free education and good content, you will ultimately be increasing the value of your potential buyer.

BOFU - Bottom of the funnel

A lead should only be considered as qualified for BOFU once they have shown a good interest in your brand, they will have been opening all your email and interacting with your content. They will usually be ready to see your sales page and ready to start (buy).

Remember that lead generation is not about getting as many leads as possible, it’s about getting the qualified leads that are serious about moving through the TOFU, MOFU and BOFU. Getting good prospects into your funnel is just as important as keeping them, the lifetime value of these leads are what will keep your brand alive.

What next...

So your prospects turned to leads and your leads turned to customers and you got paid congrats! But it doesn't stop there, now you need to automate this process and scale up. Continue everything... continue to keep communication open with your new customers, continue to offer them more products that relate to their purchase to further help them develop, continue to educate and entertain them.

This is called life cycle of the customer and is proving the most successful for top companies, if you want continued success then don't break the cycle.