Keep your dreams on track


Today is just a short post about keeping your dreams on track. Only if you can see how your goals will improve your life or the life of others will it become a meaningful goal for you that will keep you motivated. This motivation is what will get you through the tough times which will most likely await you on your journey to success. 

SAFE goal setting

The SAFE approach to goal setting takes account one very important aspect of goals which the "smart" approach tends to neglect. People have needs and values that influence what they "want' to achieve, Your values determine whether a particular goal is rewarding to you or not.

So in safe goal setting you should:

1. SEE your goal
2. ACCEPT it is a good one for you
3. FEEL goal emotionally

And by express it we mean TAKE ACTION and make those goals happen! A dream will always remain a dream unless you follow the above steps and take action.

Keep striding towards your goals my friends and ill see you on the post.


Damian MooruthComment