We all know the life of a true entrepreneur..well groomed people flashing their pearl white smiles from behind the wheel of their new sports car with piles of cash and shooting videos on a beach every week in every corner of the world.

It all sounds perfect but what gets left out of all this that you don't see is the reality of the day to day operations of their home based business and all the less glamourous heavy lifting of the business. There is one more thing ... the loneliness.

As you make money from home and build your online business you become isolated and head for seclusion yes this is good and brings results but it's not good for the soul, really. Im going to give you some ways to beat the loneliness of building your entrepreneur business from home.


Stick to a routine

It sounds obvious but establishing a routine keeps you on point and focussed. Having set times to complete tasks, set office hours and basically a good basic flow to your day, all can help ease some of the feelings of loneliness or isolation. The reason why this works is because it keeps you focused on your current task rather than feeling alone on your little business Island...If you have ever seen castaway with Tom Hanks you will know what i mean because he had a routine that kept him from losing his mind.

But he did start talking to a volley ball... which leads me to my next tip

Social connection

By this i mean real conversations with real people preferably face to face and in the same room as you or a phone call/Skype chat, these are far better than Facebook as less distraction and you gain a real connection. Keep your conversations upbeat and give relevance and these can be a regular occurrence leading to sales.

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Get out and hit the gym

Isolation when working hard can not only cause depression, damaged immune system but it can also cause lack of focus and creativity all of which can be devastating to your business right? This can be solved with a good old fashioned workout! 

At least 30 mins to an hour of high-intensity workout that combines weights and resistance training with heart-pumping cardio will not only improve your mental and physical health but it can also be a great social place especially if you are sticking to a regular routine.

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I Want to finish by adding that the life of a successful home based entrepreneur can be rewarding and a blessing even if it does come with some drawbacks, it is still the greatest way to build your dream life.