Motivation is always a struggle for many entrepreneurs so every Monday across my social media platforms I create an article, video, post to help boost your mindset and give you some motivation.

Motivation is especially a struggle to those that are just starting out and find their first failures in business, which leads me onto my first tip...

1. Atychiphobia

Looks like a bunch of letters right? Well, actually "Atychiphobia" means 'Fear of failure' this is when we allow that fear to stop us doing the things that can move us forward to achieve our goals. You shouldn't allow fear to do this to you but instead use it to create the motivation you need to move forward.

For an example if you are in the technology business, where it changes so rapidly you’ve got to put in the effort to keep up right? There is always an opportunity for someone else to come out of no where with new fresh ideas and creations to simply crush you...that should motivate you to stay ahead of the game.

If you have failed at something then use it as motivation! Ask yourself what did I do wrong? What can I learn from this situation so I can avoid it next time?

Im going to give you three good examples of people that have found huge success AFTER failing and today they are some of the most well known success people in the world.

From left to right, Michael Jordan, Warren Buffet and Richard branson

From left to right, Michael Jordan, Warren Buffet and Richard branson

  • Michael Jordan - One of the greatest basketball players of all time. And yet, he was cut from his high school basketball team because his coach didn't think he had enough skill.
  • Warren Buffet - One of the world's richest and most successful businessmen, was rejected by Harvard University.
  • Richard Branson - We all know this man, he is the owner of the Virgin empireBut guess what ? He was a high school drop out too !

So don't let failure get to you...use it to move forward.

2. Surround yourself with highly successful and motivated people.

It is said that no one can build a huge success on their own, they will always need a good team around them. So surround yourself with different distinct groups of people that will help you to succeed.

- Positive People

This is by far the most important group of people you should have in your circle, these guys are able to see the best in a situation, they don't dwell on the negative, they wont be dragging you down when you are posting about your plans in business or if you are failing they will, as I mentioned, see the best in the situation. When you spend time around these positive people, not only can they help your positivity and mindset increase but also their glass half full kind of outlook can rub off on you too :).

- Those who have overcome adversity

These are people that have allowed their failures and challenges to make them stronger and learnt valuable lessons along the way. Instead of allowing adversity to hold them back, many of them have used their challenges as fuel to turn things around, inspiring others to do the same.

Patrick Bet David

Patrick Bet David

Patrick Bet-David

I have always been a huge fan of patrick and followed all his videos on Youtube this guy is one of the best positive people that has also overcome adversity. After struggling in every school subject but math, Bet-David joined the army after high school where he served for several years. When Pat left the army he bounced around many different jobs until he finally landed a job at a well known financial firm Morgan Stanley...but he didn't get his interview based on his skills or experience.

Patrick didn't have a four year degree, he got hired at Morgan Stanley because his résumé had a joke in it that made the branch manager laugh whom said, 'If you can get me to laugh at your résumé, I want to meet you.'

Then Pat sold him in the interview with his strong positive entrepreneur mind.

- Go Getters

These are people that have dreams and goals in life much like you do but they go for it big time! They " Go get it ". A Go-Getter doesn't get bogged down with all the above such as negativity or suffer from Atychiphobia, they see what they want and they go for it. They do this by they focussing more on how they can make things happen and not why it's not happening. Go-getters train themselves... not to get big muscles and stamina, they train to remain disciplined and laser focused! and as a result they show up and get their hands dirty. They are passionate enough to believe that quitting is not an option.

Do you know any Go Getters? If so how do they influence you ?

- People with a sense of humour

You need these people in your life, they will help you to snap out of serious mode and make light of a situation you're not happy about. People with a good sense of humour can see the bigger picture which can help you to laugh at yourself and see the funny side to a bad situation. Not only can humour make you feel better but its also a stress buster and guess what less stress causes ? it boosts your creativity which is what you need in any business to stay ahead of the game.

3. Follow your passion

This is very important because we not only want to make a lot of money but enjoy what we do as well. You need to be willing to take risks in exchange for following your dreams, if you are truly passionate about something then you will do what it takes to follow that dream.

If you do want to try to turn your passion into a full-time job then you simply need to improve on something that you are already doing and share it.

Remember that your road is not always going to be smooth, so plan for hiccups and make adjustments along the way. Be open to advice and criticism even though it is YOUR passion you should always accept advice and take criticism with an open mind for improvement.

4. Don't obsess over your visions of success

Yes of course you should obsess over your visions but don't do it too much as it will bog you right down and stop you from being productive. I recommend only 30 mins to an hour max per week on your visions.

An imperfect start can always be improved, but obsessing over a perfect plan will never take you anywhere on its own...

5. Be Grateful



A massive part of a positive mindset and motivation is actually being grateful in the first place because this is what fuels your motivation. Think about it, if you have lost a lot of money or you have lost out to your closest competitor but you look at what you do have and you feel grateful for that... its harder to feel down or lose motivation when your feeling grateful right?

My final tip ....

6. Forget about motivation

Yes thats right but I'm not asking you to forget this whole article, I am simply asking you to not follow everyone else in waiting for the motivation to come to you. You need to be out there doing it, go get it, follow your passion, work through your failures!

Successful people don't sit around waiting for motivation to come to them they go out and create it ! So I want you to read through this article take it all in and learn from it, go out there and create yourself some positive motivation.


Hope this has helped and please as usual leave your comments below, like and share.