Damian Mooruth here with your next installment of No-Nonsense Marketing, in this post I'm going to give you my must have emails if you want to increase your conversions. If you haven't started to build your opt ins yet then this is definitely something you should have done ...like last week! These tips will certainly help you with that.

The reason why I go on so much about E-Mail Marketing is because i see a lot of my clients and other business owners spending 99% of their efforts on building out a nice shiny website and stationary but warming your leads up through external methods such as Email Marketing, in my eyes, simply can not be ignored.  For instance, when someone opts into your email list they automatically qualify as a warm lead because they want to hear from you, they want to learn more about what you have to offer. So lets take a look at my top No Nonsense emails, which I always personally use.

The welcome message

You will be suprised at how many Internet Marketers overlook welcome emails because they’re in such a rush to start selling to you...which is a no no anyway.

What I think is most important about the welcome message is that its a chance for you to add your own personal touch and make that connection with your leads. They will be able to see that you are not just trying to pitch them and instead they will see you are a warm welcoming person trying to find a solution to their problems. Your brand itself then becomes value rather than sales and they are more likely to stay subscribed and wait for your next email.

Your welcome should be short, sweet and to the point and not filled too much with fluff. Here is a little snippet of one of my welcome messages from my actual funnel.

" Hey there,

Damian Mooruth here - and You just joined my winning team...
Straight off the bat, I'm gonna tell you something:

My emails are not like the usual marketing emails you get.
They are very direct, No-nonsense, and will teach you how to start (and grow) your online business. "

As you can see it fits my brand of No-Nonsense Marketing and i let them know im there to help them with their business, no links just a welcome and what they have to expect. You should also encourage your leads to follow you on Facebook for more valuable tips and direct them to your blog.

The gift

A lot of people I have worked with were always a bit hesitant when it came to sending out freebies to their leads but actually Sending a freebie email can be a massive trust-builder and turn any skeptical leads into warmer leads in a position to buy from you.

Your freebie is entirely up to you, but informational products giving value to your leads and solving their problems, such as e-books or even webinars, are probably your best bet. I have seen many ideas such as ipods, physical dvds and tickets to live events. If you are worried about any costs to your marketing in offering this free value then why not look for an old webinar that may not be selling the product anymore but you can still share it with your subscribers as it may hold good value. I have personally done this method myself and it takes a lot of the hard work away from you and gives your subscribers answers to many questions which they will have YOU and the webinar host to thank.

Free stuff always works it simply turns skeptics into customers.

Be a coach - The Guru Email


Send out educational messages that shows them your the authority within the space, display your knowledge and set yourself apart from the competition...much like im doing with you right now right?

Be unique with your information and knowledge and display it in such a way that others havnt tried yet, make it look more like a secret or inside information that they would feel they should pay for.

You can draw up a simple questionaire that asks the questions like What is your goal? What are you struggling with? these are questions which you can easily coach people on with your knowledge.

Do reviews or case studies on various new marketing products entering the scene, an example of a case study could be SEO, you can show how you have done SEO for a website and show its developments. Once your subscribers have seen these reviews and case studies you can simply lead them into your funnels by a link asking "want to learn more?".

Show results you are having with a system you are connected with and offer to coach them to the same success by showing them "exactly what you do" these words are powerful when used in conjuction with your results proof as your subscriber will be able to see you are genuine and getting good results and willing to share your "secret".

Just remember that showing your own brand and being exclusive to your leads should be the name of the game!.

We missed you Bob

Im sure many of you reading this blog knows that sometimes things just dont go to plan when it comes to Email Marketing. Your subscribers drop off and dissapear on you and just dont respond to your emails... this could be why your here reading my blog right now. This just happens! and dont worry about it, all the top marketers in the world have this happen its a FACT trust me, dont let this put you off because all you need to do is encourage engagement from past opt-ins and buyers.

So how do we do this ? well Start with a personalized subject line that grabs your subscribers attention and reminds them that they took an interest and interacted with you in the past . Your email subject line could be something like “Hey Bob!, we’ve missed you...”. You can easily automate this process within your autoresponder service by segmenting. If you need help with this contact me.