Are you under the huge network marketing umbrella ? Network marketing is a massive area of the internet marketing world and some of the biggest companies in the world fall into this category.

Network marketing can be done by anyone will to take the time to learn their marketplace and take action on some simple steps. If you have a business opportunity which you have joined but now need to start building on it then let me give you my top tips to help you succeed using Network marketing.

Follow these tips like a boss and you wont be needing a boss...

1. Know your target target audience

Your first job will be to find the right audience for your product or opportunity and then you need to understand them. Get to know what gives them the drive to succeed, what are they craving for, their desires for change.

Simply by connecting with the people that want to make changes in their lives and have that desire to take action is what will ultimatley will help you succeed in network marketing.

2. Is your "why" strong enough?

This is the single most important factor in any online business...Why did you decide to start network marketing. The most popular reasons include Family, Time freedom and financial freedom either way freedom seems to be the number 1. What ever your "Why" is I suggest you write it down in more detail and put it somewhere you access daily or somewhere you can see when you hit an obstacle... there WILL be many.

Your Why needs to be big enough and strong enough for you to want to keep going and drive over those speed bumps in your way or smash through those walls and obstacles that stop you from moving forward with your goals...if you don't feel the urge to drive then I'm sorry but your Why just isn't strong enough!

3. Be patient - Don't take on too many projects at once.

When you are setting out to start working your marketing strategies it is important to master one strategy at a time and don't spread your brand too thin across many different strategies.

My advice is to start with where you are already comfortable, for instance if you are always on Facebook then hit the social media scene.

If you are a good speaker and don't mind talking on camera then Video Marketing is where I would start.

If you're a natural writer and can sit and write content like its an easy kids book then blogging is your place to start.

4. Invest some time in yourself

You will notice that all top earners in network marketing..well they just know their stuff right? My next tip for you is to NEVER stop educating yourself, trust me there is always something new to add to your marketing arsenal. Before you become a top earner you must first practice being a top learner.

Try this .... Google any top leader or search them on Youtube and you will most likely see that they have a full bookshelf of completed self development books. They have a DAILY ritual of self development reading and they have the library to back it up.

5. Include Social Media into your daily routines.

Did you know that Social media is predicted to soon drive more quality traffic to your websites than SEO does? If your online business is not using social media to help spread the word about your business, then you are simply missing out on a heap of good traffic.

Check out the search bar on Facebook for instance and type in things related to your niche, you should find plenty of groups for you to join and network with people inside, focussing on Facebook groups within your niche is a good starting point.

6. Stay consistent

For many of you reading this article you would know that I am big on consistency even if you don't see results from your actions for a good while it doesn't mean nothing is happening... be consistent and good things will come. Check out my video below on this subject.


When posting content, consistency is key because when your followers see you posting at a certain time, they will start to look for you and ff you want your followers to remain loyal and continue logging on at that time to read or view your content then you MUST remain consistent.

For example on my social media I do a daily No Nonsense digest from your #NoNonsenseCoach some of my followers love it when they see that line because they know that what follows is always great free value they can use and share with their network.

7. This is a people business

When people join an opportunity online you need to understand that they are not joining the business.... they are going YOU! If you are following someone online right now and they posted a video review of something they are using that is helping them succeed wouldn't you go ahead and give it a go? This is what I mean, they are following you and your content and then they join you first not the business always remember this.

Network marketing is a people business so a great way to create trust with your following would be to provide value based content, something they can take away and get something from it that may help them develop. The results of this daily value you post are simply magic.. your audience start to grow thirsty for more of your value and actually start striking up conversations with you and not the other way around.

Your audience will begin to look up to you as an authority in your niche, this step in network marketing is also referred to as Attraction Marketing. Check out another of my videos below on this.



So as I close this short article up I want to congratulate you because the fact that you are reading it and have reached this section of the article means that you are serious about your business and you have a desire to learn more about your network. I want you to take just one of the above tips and start implementing it into your business and i bet it will drastically change something for you.

I hope this has helped and please do leave any comments below and also share with your audience.