Update on the new MOBE Resort in Costa Rica


For close to 1 year Matt Lloyd has been working on getting a resort for MOBE in Costa Rica, to host our live mastermind training events.

Matt Lloyd arrived on the site to see how the building and renovations are coming along. They still have a long way to go, but by the time Matt is done with it, this will be a beautiful 50 room resort, with a state-of-the-art seminar room.

It has been a long process for MOBE securing their own resort and actually Matt talked about getting his own resort back in early 2015. Its fantastic news that we now have the start of a superb resort in an amazing location just perfect for our MOBE mastermind events.

Matt will spend the best part of 2017 living here to get it all up to a minimum of 4 star standard before we as consultants can arrive as guests to one of the events. Check out the video below and take a behind the scenes sneak peek of the new MOBE resort.

New MOBE Resort, Costa Rica - Behind the scenes

New MOBE Resort, Costa Rica - Behind the scenes

Don’t judge it too much from this video—this is the ‘Before’ version. As soon as the renovations are done, I’ll do a new post for you all withthe ‘After’ video included. Matt is planning on turning the currently run down resort into the new MOBE Resort by March 2017 so this gives us just 3.5 months from now...cant wait!

Whats your thoughts ?