Yes its that time again when we start to make preparations for our digital marketing strategies for the new year. SEO as we know just never stands still and as it continues to move at its usual fast pace all we can do is reflect on the past year of updates, new trends and strategies and begin to plan for improvement going into the new year.

Google’s algorithm updates, keep us online marketers on our toes as we must always make adjustments to comply with these new updates.

Google's Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP)

AMP is Google's new project and standard for building web content for mobile devices. So what is AMP all about ?

Basically, this new standard set out by Google is a set of rules that form a simple, lighter version of HTML. And any web pages that are built to comply with AMP will see very fast loading times on all mobile devices. AMP was launched in February this year ( 2016 ) and it made waves in SEO news quickly becoming one of the biggest trends.

So is AMP here to stay ? or should we let it go by and see how it affects the market in 2017, Adam Greenberg - Global Product Partnerships at Google said this on his twitter account @adamgreenb

I personally recommend you start implementing AMP into your websites and the number one reason for this is speed, AMP pages actually load 30 times faster than the standard HTML pages.

how does it load so fast ? Well that's all thanks to the "lighter" HTML and CSS they use, and the fact that AMP content is cached in the cloud and delivered not from your server, but from the Google-hosted cached version.

Redirects are now safe

When dealing with redirects on your websites links you should know and have practised the art of not having too many redirects in place but enough to make a difference. Well now redirects no longer result in losing PageRank so you can go ahead and use any redirection method without worrying about your rankings.

Voice search

Voice search is going to be massive in 2017 and actually voice search returns more rich answers than normal text searches.

A featured snippet which is also known as a "rich answer" or "direct answer" is a summary answer to a searcher's question that Google shows in a special block at the top of its SERP.


Check out the image above, you can see that a featured snippet usually includes a link to the page from where the data was taken, this does your brand an enormous favour for traffic and authority in your niche.

So if you want to get a featured snippet for your own brand then you will need to do an extensive keyword search for your niche, see what longer keywords people are searching for in your niche and then write an article about this, make sure that the keyword is in the article but also be sure to give good value and the content has no mistakes.

Next you will want to make your page easy to find by submitting to Google's search console.

These are just a few of the main trends you will want to focus on for your 2017 SEO strategy and I hope you found it useful. If you have any links you would like to share or advice to increase this knowledge further then please leave a comment below.