Not quite the same as the famous shout from our friend Jerry Maguire - Show me the money, But this is actually what most entrepreneurs favour. Earning the freedom to work and live how they wish is more important than the money that is earned. Many researches show that a higher percentage of people get more job satisfaction from working on their own terms from home than working for a boss.

If you think that entrepreneurship is about making lots of money, becoming famous, bragging rights on your social media ... your completely wrong, Entrepreneurship is about freedom. Nothing more, nothing less. Let me tell you something that I always remind myself of. If you are always working purely for the money then you will simply never have enough, why? because there will always be someone out there with a bigger house, better car or earned more than you and this creates a vicious cycle for yourself and you will start going off your tracks towards the real goal in hand..freedom.

You may well know the name Bill Gates and the fact that he actually gives a lot of his money away to charity... this is not showing off its simply smart because he knows that he doesnt need that money for himself and having the freedom from more money coming in and helping others is more important to him.

Starting out online does not cost you a pot of gold and a loss of limb either as you may have been told by failed entrepreneurs who simply rush into it, but actually you can start your online journey to freedom for less that $50. The business I have branded as Inbox Project works alongside my primary called MOBE which stands for My Own Business Education and it teaches anyone how to start and grow their own online business from home... no physical products, no commuting to a workplace, no office and more importantly no 9-5 and a boss on your back !

I will show you the money and you show me your freedom...

Me and my fellow consultants have made collectively over $35 million is commissions and the CEO Matt Lloyd has a firm goal to increasing this to $100 Million by the end of this year. If your stuck in the your J.O.B wishing there was a way to attain more freedom in life then why not give this a go? All you need to get started is $49 and you will gain full access to the same 21 steps that me and my collogues went through. On these steps you will learn all about how to start and grow your online business... growing your business can be done for free too, One of our consultants has earned 6 figures online from simply posting his links on Facebook ! crazy right ?

You cant buy freedom but you can buy the access to learning how to create it, remember what I mentioned above that money is not the goal here and that someone will always have more ? well I am telling you now that freedom will and always will be the biggest asset anyone in the world can have...

So which is important to you ?

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