Both these platforms have quickly become a must for any entrepreneur sharing and distributing their images and videos.

Why are they so popular ? well simple answer is they are perfect for building that relationship with your followers and keeping them enticed into what your up to on a daily basis and to really get to know you as a brand. Also perfect for quick straight to the point ads. 

Sneaky Instagram did actually catch a lot of us marketers out by surprise when they announced the release of "Instagram Stories" which looks almost exactly the same as the snap chat feature which also has "stories". Is this a pre emptive strike by Instagram ? 

Well now that the dust has settled a little bit i thought its time we had a debate ! 

Another No-Nonsense Debate

So its debate time...Snapchat vs. Instagram, each platform, in my opinion, has their own distinct strengths and at the same time weaknesses and best uses.

Shooting a story


Snap chat automatically launches  straight onto your camera screen so shooting a new story is as simple as just pressing one button.

Instagram you first must swipe left in your main feed or tap the + sign in the top left hand corner of the app.

Both apps allow you to shoot a new video up to 10 seconds long


Browsing stories 


Instagram wins this one in my books because it puts all stories in at the front centre and displays all your stories right at the top of your feed with your friends closest to  you appearing first this way whomever you are following the most you will see first. All determined by Algorithm.

SnapChat on the other hand has opted for a chronological order meaning the latest stories will always be displayed first. 

Viewing the stories on Snap chat how ever is a lot easier, only slightly easier and maybe im just being lazy here but for snap chat you simply tap the screen to go to the next story where it will automatically play. 

But with Instagram you you must tap left or right and swipe to go to the next story in the line up..but like i say this is a slight difference but for those that are used to the snap chat ease of tapping this may actually feel long winded, so snap chat wins the viewing vote. 


Drawing and Emojis 




Sorry Snap Chatters Instagram wins this one hands down! Instagram's tools are "Currently", as I am writing this blog post, far more advanced than Snap Chat. 

Snap Chat uses the old style slider to pick colours where as Instagram actually lays a selection of colours out side by side at the bottom of the screen. As well as this positive for Instagram they also have a handy tool, for changing the size of your pen thickness, situated on the far left. Instagram also offers 3 different pen tools, Pen, Marker and Neon.

Instagram's drawing tools ( Left )  far more advanced than Snap chat (right )

Instagram's drawing tools ( Left )  far more advanced than Snap chat (right )




As far as Emoji goes Snap Chat currently, at the time of this blog, has the edge as its a lot more flexible. At the moment Instagram only allows you to add an emoji in the text bar but Snap Chat allows you to actually add an Emoji anywhere over any image and even on video.


Sharing Photos


This one is a close call but Snap Chat wins in my books again and heres why..

Both apps allow you to share old photos but Instagram only allows you to share photos taken in the last 24 hours from your camera roll where as Snap Chat allows you to share anything from your saved memories.




This is a draw, both apps allow you to start a chat from a friends story, on Snap Chat you tap "chat" or swipe up and on Instagram you tap "send a message" or guess what ..swipe up again.


Privacy Settings


Both apps have similar settings on who can see your posts. On Snap Chat your choices are "everyone" or "just friends", On Instagram the privacy of the story will be the same as what your main feed is set to. So if you have it set to "public" then everyone can see but if you set to "private" then only your followers can see. 

Both Snap Chat and Instagram have the ability to hide a story from specific people.


My No-Nonsense Verdict 


When you lay these two apps out its obvious that Instagram Stories has come out being very similar to the first on the scene Snap Chat. Although it does have better drawing tools and navigation. 

The differences I have covered here as you can see are pretty minor right? But that being said in my opinion Instagram takes the win due to the fact that it is much more cleaner and has a modern feel to it and ease of use with its navigation and drawing. This will become a lot more familiar and a favourite to people as time goes on in my opinion. 


Whats your verdict ? 


Every debate must have two sides so please feel free to leave a comment on what you thought about this blog and what your verdict is. Please keep it clean guys and no spam ! We don't do that Nonsense here!