Here are some great ideas that you can use when creating your Social Media campaigns, these can get you more engagement and leads to your business and also increase sales of your products.

Coupon Campaign

The days when you used to cut out coupons from the newspaper or magazine are gone, well mostly as actually people do still do that but now you can use them as an online marketing tool.

Easy to design and easy to share, I can even help you design some up if you wish! Just make sure you track your coupons with codes/numbers when your online visitors use them.

Social Poll

Social Media polls are a great way to not only increase your engagement on your pages but also they can give you some of the best insights to your target audience. Market research as we all know is very important when it comes to targeting your traffic and scaling.

Social Media polls are very easy to set up and also very easy and efficient for your customers to use.

Call To Action

When you are promoting something for more than one person you can widen your marketing potential. To do this you simply have to make your promo engaging and exciting enough that your customers will want to share this offer with their friends.

Add a simple comment and call to action button that allows them to "Tag a friend that will like this" and you will soon see your audience grow and your reach widen.



Video/Photo contests

Anyone can take a picture or shoot a video these days and actually most use their phones so running a photo or video contest can be a great idea for your next promo campaign.

You could run a competition for a photo taken holding your product or you could even get your customers to post picture or video ideas for your next campaign, the prize can be the product itself, cash or even using the video or photo in a main ad you run with credits to the photographer. It will be like two birds one stone right?.

Exclusive offers

Offering something that only you can offer will get people talking and actually its this sort of thing that goes viral. Make it something that could even cause a debate such as men only or women only...either way it is exclusive and it gets people talking.

Cool but Unlikely Images

Post images that are highly unlikely to be true but funny as hell. These are images that even though the audience knows it’s fake, it’s still funny to see. Lets say you are promoting holidays for an airline company or even a new autopilot system, check out this pic thats funny but obviously not true, it made its rounds on all social media platforms.



I hope this helps you in your next social media campaign, let us know in the comments below what you think and if you have any to add. As you can see I don't post any links in my value posts so please ... No Nonsense spam here.