If you haven't started planning your social media marketing strategy for 2017 yet then your already behind but don't worry I'm here with my top tips for social media marketing in 2017.
The more exposure and of course engagements you get through your social media platforms, the more leads you will gain and the more customers to convert. Many of you may have missed this opportunity in building your business with trending social media campaigns, but your not too late to start.

Social media planning

You should be planning your marketing campaign in advance, Valuable posts and a strong content strategy focusing on a few of the main platforms work best for social media SEO ranking. Remember that just because your content and strategy is working now it doesn't mean it will work going into January. You need to diversify your platforms and always check to see what platforms are on the increase and also the demographics of that platform.

Match with your audience

Networks like LinkedIn which is aimed towards working professionals has continued to rise in popularity, especially with the release of their new publisher and Just this year, Snapchat became the most popular platform among teenagers. So as you can see each of the popular social media platforms have its own demographic.

So for you to succeed with your social media efforts, you need post your messages where your target audience is spending their time. That means analyzing your current social media channels, and making sure they match with the audience you’re trying to reach. So if your aiming to boost sales on a cool new product for the younger generation then LinkedIn would not perform as well as Snapchat for instance.

Go LIVE or chatbot it

Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and of course you have Snapchat and instagram stories. For those that want to automate the LIVE support side of their business then chatbots are becoming the popular must have marketing tool. I will do a separate post about these robotic dudes that will take social media by storm next year i'm sure.


So..Your social media strategy should be completely ready for these trends and you need to be ready to incorporate them into your early 2017 efforts. Start thinking about new applications and new features of your website for instance, so that by the time 2017 rolls in, you’ll be ready to implement new aspects of your social media strategy that your competitors will be jealous of!.

Your content strategy

It's a fact that to have any chance of success in social media marketing you need to post consistently across all of your platforms especially on platforms that show updates in non-chronological order. Regular posts to your social media platforms will increase the chances that your content will not only reach your audience but will prompt some engagement whether it be a simple "like" or converting click. The frequency can depend on what your trying to achieve but the optimum, in my expert opinion, is at least 6 - 8 posts per day to start seeing some good engagements. Remember that all these posts and updates need to be giving good value to your followers and also be credible - give credit back to the source or share your own content.

Introduce E-mail to your social media

I have always advised you in all my No Nonsense posts to simply not ignore email as part of your marketing strategy and the same goes for your social media strategy too. I am fully aware that E-mail isn't really a part of social media but integrating email into your 2017 efforts can bring awesome benefits for your brand.

You just need to time it to perfection, so if someone receives a message from you in their inbox, and they decide, after being prompted, to visit your social media platform then they should see similar content they saw in the email, this will give them the push by converting to a lead for you.

One big tip I can give you is to try running a paid social media ad and then linking your email list to this post, this will show your subscribers your the real deal and mean business when it comes to social media. They will surely add, follow and like you.

So I hope this has helped you out, I didn't want you to wake up on January 1 2017, realizing that you don’t yet have a plan in place to optimize your social media strategy and grow your business through the new year. Stay tuned for much more tips and adviceon this subject.