Outside The Box Social Media Marketing


Ok so let me guess…You are following all the rules that the internet marketing gurus say you simply must follow and just like all the other internet marketing monkeys turned zombies you continue doing this even though you are not seeing any sort of engagement.

If your social media marketing efforts aren’t getting the results you were hoping for, this doesn't mean you have to give up, what you are following does work but it is simply time for you to mix things up a bit and think outside the guru box. Playing it safe and following the marketing 101 sometimes just doesn't cut it in the social media environment. You need to get more personal with your followers and let them know that there is a real human, thats you by the way, behind the marketing they see before them, they want a more personal touch they can connect better with.

As soon as you start seeing some engagement from switching up your strategy then this is when you can start increasing the flow of traffic and see what wakes up your audience. You will soon see that social media can be a very powerful tool to increasing your customer base and profits if you stick to it and have a good strategy in place.

So here are some of my tips that can help you.


Know your audience, connect with them.

I know its simple stuff but you will be surprised how many times I see people ignoring their followers/customers...believe me I have been on the receiving end and actually had to help them deliver better! Your audience and eventually customers in social media are what keeps you and your business afloat, they do this by obviously trusting you and your product but also by spreading the word, sharing with friends family and THEIR audience and customers. This is a very valuable and powerful side of you're marketing if you can get enough of your audience raving about not only your product but you as a person then you can start to see some viral traffic coming your way.

Get to know your audience and be sure to pay your most loyal followers some attention and making the effort to get to know them a bit better. If they are engaging on a lot of your posts and articles then you should acknowledge their movements too. Treat them like your friends and not just a lead in your business by making conversation with them regularly and engaging on their posts, adding and subscribing to their social media platforms and channels. By doing this you begin to start moulding your loyal followers into "ambassadors" for you and your brand.....Crazy mind games right?

Try it because it pays to pay attention.


Don't automate your manners

As stated above, being more connected to your audience is important and so are your manners just like in every day life... so why not on social media business. When you have a new follower or customer expressing an interest it can be fine to set up an auto response welcoming them but it is also better to greet them on a personal level too. Try saying thanking your customers personally and add some custom touches to your messages by checking out their profiles, see what they are up to and what their likes and dislikes are, this way your customer/follower is more likely to remember and pay you more attention when you are waving those look at my post arms about.

If they are engaging and even sharing your content then a "human response" is definitely what you should be aiming for in a response. Make sure to thank them for recently sharing some value you posted and you could even ask for their honest thoughts on your content.

They say a photograph speaks a thousand words...

Yes just as Shirley Bassey says a picture can speak a thousand words and in terms of social media if you include an image in your updates/posts then generally they will receive a much higher level of engagement than just plain old text. The images that you use can be your own that you have taken or designed but you will also find that sourcing images, wether paid for or royalty free, can also work. Try using funny memes or GIFs as these always work really well and are likely to get shared. Just make sure that you are allowed to use the images and they are not copyrighted. You can try using a place like Istock Photos, they can be little pricy but you will more than likely find what you are looking for with high quality and also license to use included.


Are you up with the # Hashtag trends ?

Did you know that each day of the week there are popular Hashtag trends that occur ? Such as #MondayMotivation or #Fridayfeeling or if your on Twitter itself then #FollowFriday is very popular. Lets not forget #NoNonsenseCoach of course! ;)

To sum up there are a number of weekly hashtag trends which provide you with the perfect opportunity to shout out about your brand and catch the eye of others that are browsing the weekly hashtags, the advantage to this ? It will encourage engagement from users who may not have seen your company or brand name before but may be interested in it.

It doesn't always have to be about your business either, stay current and comment on any current events, add some good points of encouragement and positivity and people will surely like to add you and check out your profile.


Stand out from the crowd

Remember what I mentioned before, Quirky content will catch people’s attention and make them remember you! A little Personality is something that a lot of people look for when they decide to follow on social media. Funny or unusual content is also more likely to be shared by other users, so get them laughing if you want to get infront of more eyeballs and ears.

Is now a good time?

Just before you post something on your social media have a quick look at the time, think about when you browse social media the most. Posting updates during the lunch hours and evenings are also good times to catch users, try and aim to hit most time zones that matter to your brand too.

Try posting either a couple of minutes before or after the hour as this is a clever way of catching people when they are on their way to an appointment or waiting to set out to work or catching a bus, as this is a common time for people to check social media... I know I'm too clever and your welcome!

Fight the Facebook algorithms

With all the changes to Facebook's algorithm many brands and businesses are finding it hard to appear in searches as easily as they did before. It is important that you have a business page this way you will be able to reach a broader audience by targeting your post according to gender, age, location, etc. You can target your posts by clicking the targeting icon next to the location tool at the bottom of the posting box on your business page.



I hope these tips help you change up your social media strategy and get more eyeballs on your posts. If you have anything you would like to add or any comments at all please do leave below.

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