I get so many people ask me where they should start with their social media efforts and how much money can they make. I can never give an answer because for me and many top marketers out there, social media is simply not an option nor is it a "quick shortcut to cash".

Why is it not an option? well in todays world your customers are not out walking the streets browsing for your shop or your business, instead they are surfing the web and more so their social media platforms. You really need to be developing a relationship with prospective customers in their "natural habitat." Create content and give value to them every day...Free value dont go charging them for it! Be where your customers are.

Social Media is hard

WRONG! Social media is not hard, i would use the word complicated. Social media isnt all about Facebook, Twitter or youtube, its actually about having a good strategy to branding your company to be more human accross all platforms. If your potential clients feel like your company is more human and actually cares about them, they’ll want to be part of it. This all ties in to when i mentioned about giving value and showing you care about your clients problems.


Build Credibility before you pitch

You simply can't just log into facebook every day and start posting you sales links to every group possible or annoy the hell out of people you may have connected with "hours ago". You must build credibility, share value and give solutions to other problems. I understand that it's important to get your information out there but when you are first posting on your platform make sure to create some buzz and leave it open to discussion, this will allow for plenty of relationship building and networking. 


Remember to always be mindful of your clients timezone, you don't want to be sending them a message on your social media platform when they are fast asleep, a lot of people have their notifications on, a chime at 3am would not do your credibility any justice!.

Prepare your pages

When you have been doing all the above for at least a few months then you will certainly have gained a lot of trust ...and when people start trusting you they will visit your website and want to know a little more about you and your company. Make sure your landing page is clean and crisp, always test on a regular basis because social media does not sleep! 

Remember this saying when you are preparing your social media journey ...

“People Don’t Expect Your Company to be Perfect. They Expect You to Provide Solutions”