Making money online is a game ... Yes I said it! It's a game dammit! And if you want to win at this game there are certain rules you need to stick to and memorise.

So before you start reading on and seeking out these rules I speak of I want you to answer yourself this very question... How much money have you made in your life ? Im talking about every penny you have ever made and that includes pocket money your mum and dad used to give you for say washing the car. Got it ? Well, you should now have a round about figure and it doesn't have to be pin point, if it is then you have obviously grown up to become a super accountant! Now... tell me how much of that figure do you have left in your possession ? I mean how much physical cash do you have in your hand or your wallet? How about your savings account?

Are you disappointed ? If you answered yes then I'm afraid my friend you don't know how to play the game! So thats why I am here to help you out with a few rules to help you win.



RULE #1 - Remembering it is a game

We have all heard the term "practice makes perfect" well the same principle applies with games right? Let me give you an example, lets say you challenge me to a game of squash, I have played a couple rounds of squash on the courts with a friend but not a lot, you on the other hand have played 1000s and won many leagues and competitions over the years, who is going to win ? You of course ! and why is that ?

The answer is simple, you have practiced and played the game of squash over and over until you got ridiculously good at it, overtime you lost a match you practiced what you are poor at, your weak points. The same goes for the money game and any other game...the more you play it the better you get at it and the more you learn from your mistakes.

RULE #2 - Always look to DOUBLE your money not make a bit more

Many of my friends on my social media are doing these member to member instant commissions programs that pay you $1000 instant commissions, so this may interest you if you are doing this also.

Did you know that if you had $1000 in your bank account then you are only 10 "Doubles" away from being a millionaire? This is similar to the penny rule which I spoke about in one of my previous posts. Once you understand this concept of striving to scale your campaigns and doubling your money then building your freedom is easy.

RULE #3 - Don't get desperate

Newsflash! Money does not get attracted by people who are desperate and usually you can see these desperate people on videos flashing cash around ( which is prob not a part of the above wallet or savings ). Let the money find you, give value and show results and eventually money will come flowing to you because you suddenly appear to be a nice attractive guy :)


RULE #4 - Keep your boys busy

By this I mean money does NOT like to be sat doing nothing, always keep moving your money around to work for you. If you are not doing anything with it that works then the money will just go to someone that does know what they are doing... just like a woman does right? :) So make sure you put you money to work for you.

RULE #5 - Always pay your taxes its part of your comp plan

Yes Taxes are a part of all comp plans you should always work out how much money you are going to have to lose out of your "wallet" for taxes. Just like I mentioned in Rule 1, its a game and know the rules of the game.

RULE #6 - Its YOUR game to play no one else's

Its time to play the game but don't try to see how someone else is playing it and try to mimic them, you must play your own game your own way. Yes its good to get advice and curate great content, paying forward but don't try and be where someone else is. Their goals will be different to yours which means their rules are being played differently, don't get sucked in, focus on your rules and hitting YOUR "doubles game".

RULE #7 - Surround yourself with good players

This is the age old secret, when you are around people that are good at making money then naturally you begin to start raising you A game, they are a good influence on your movements and the way you stick to the rules. On the flip side if you are networking with people that simply don't know what they are doing then simples... you wont be attracting the right money or in fact people into your business.

If you get to know someone, their movements, the way they do business, their family, their holidays then you will want to do business with this person.

RULE #8 - Leverage as much as possible

By this I mean you should try to leverage as much content or tools that can help you to grow your business and get you results. Gain support from someone for instance such as leveraging someones list to market yourself to them ( solo ads ).

Leveraging is playing by the rules but you must also make sure to count this as part of your rule 4, know where your money is at and don't over leverage.

RULE #9 - Positioning


Positioning yourself to earn the maximum you can from the business you are involved in is important to all the above rules, you don't want to lose money and let it move onto someone else who is in a better position. Be smart about it - smart positioning... Before you join business you can study the structure, the people who work in it. Learn how the senior people have been chosen for their positions for instance.. no thats not nosey! its smart, go onto the company’s Web site and look at the bios of the leadership team, or by doing an Internet search on specific individuals to learn more about their backgrounds ;) thats smart.

Remember ... "where you enter always influences where you end up."

RULE #10 - The bigger picture

If you have a big payday DO NOT go about shouting how you earn that amount daily, for instance lets say you just made $10,000 in a single day and you never done this before, you get all excited and start getting arrogant and posting everywhere that you make 10k a day.

The mistake that people like this make is that they don't see the bigger picture, and actually that 10k should be divided into 12 to get your current monthly figure, remember what I said earlier in rule 2, having a big pay day only means your Doubling game gets easier as you have less to double. Don't get the big payday syndrome and start losing focus or you will lose your game.


Thats all I have for you guys, I hope this has all made sense to you and helps you in your own game. If you have anything you want to add then please comment below and please do share this with all the game players out there... its good people play by the rules.

See you next time for another Digest from your #NoNonsenseCoach