Entrepreneurs and marketers have used Social Proof for at least 10 years now since Facebook became the peak in 2007 3 years after it launched. When more and more online marketing systems entered the scene this only meant more and more entrepreneurs were making money online and eager to share this with their followers. So along came the Social Proof Phenomenon.

The advantages to Social proof is that it gives your site an advantage over other sites that don’t use it, you can use it to grow your business a lot faster by simply getting people to return to your site or social platform. Blogs are a good example of this by displaying the number of RSS subscribers, then when people visit your blog and see your subscriber count they think.. "hey look at all the subscribers, it must be good so ill subscribe too". But we have come a long way from displaying traffic counters and rss subscriber counts on our blogs, FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest can all serve as social proof too, and sometimes are even more effective.


With the explosion of Live Social Media this is quickly becoming a popular way for people to share proof of their success to current followers and prospective leads. Going Live to your followers enables you to answer any doubts they have or questions about how you are doing it by giving a crowd access to your product all at the same time.

All the major social media sites have widgets you can install on your website. These widgets can show lots of things, including how many people “like” your site such as Facebook for instance, or how many people have recently followed you on Twitter.

The social proof makes it more likely that people will keep reading your site, or even subscribe to or “like” it. Lets take the Facebook widget that shows "people like" and "friends who like" your visitors will see lots of strangers already like the site but also they may see that some of their friends like it too meaning they are more likely to like and follow you. 



Facebook isn’t the only form of social media that can serve as social proof, either.

Twitter can be used in a similar way (by displaying follower countsactivity feeds or the number of times content has been retweeted). This all adds to your SEO efforts and pushes your web presence further up in Google due to the amount of social signals you receive. 

Letting people know about interviews or podcasts you’ve been a part of are a great way to show visitors that your site is worth paying attention to, try to arrange an interview with a fellow marketer. People will see that you are active and giving value to your community, being interviewed will strengthen this and allow people to really connect with you and the value you are giving. 

Are you currently using Social proof and influencing people on the web ? How are you using all your social media platforms to showcase any success or give value? Please leave any comments below and please no spam or negativity....No Nonsense.

To your success.