First of all lets answer the question what is affiliate marketing ? Affiliate marketing is where you partner up with or leverage a company that allows you to sell their products and services on the internet. When you make a sale of the product or service then the affiliate company will pay you an agreed commission.

The affiliate companies will have a separate area within their website for you, the affiliate, where you can grab your own affiliate link unique to you. Your affiliate link will have code which is recorded by cookies on the site that you promote and if a visitor visits your website or blog and they click on that link then they will be forwarded to the sales page. If they buy something after visiting then you will get paid a commission for the product they purchased.

So now you know the basis of affiliate marketing take a look at my previous article about HTAM and high ticket affiliate marketing, what is HTAM and how you can use it to make a lot of money online.

My top 5 HTAM - High ticket affiliate marketing tips

Tip #1 - Choose a program you truly believe in.

It could be a company that connects with you on a personal level or it could be a marketing tool which you love using, may not be high ticket but will hold a strong residual value. When you truly believe in and love the product and training you are promoting then this will be seen naturally by your followers, not to mention you will find it easier to create material such as articles.

Tip #2 - Buy it yourself, use it and review it...Practice what you preach.

You will be amazed at how many marketers out there are trying to sell a product or training course that they haven't even tried themselves. The majority of affiliate marketers out there are just trying to make some quick cash. By purchasing it yourself, and actually going through the whole product you can then practise what you preach, the last thing you want is a lot of hungry buyers asking you questions you simply can't answer.

Tip #3 - Build trust and authority

Write articles about your product or course you are offering, the articles or even videos should be a review of the product highlighting the pros and cons...yes by talking about any flaws in a product you instantly build trust with your audience and your product sounds more authentic.

Write about your experience with the product and show any results you are having this isn't to boast or celebrate your success it is actually to show your audience that the product is real, it works and you can offer to guide them to doing the same as you to hopefully get the same results.

Linking in to the above you should include in you articles about a problem that exists such as needing to free up time in someones life, financial freedom and the ability to work anywhere in the world on their own terms, let them know that you have the solution.

Tip #4 - Offer a bonus

Offer something that complements the product you are promoting, for example If you were selling a High Ticket Coaching Program, you could sell a consultancy session as a bonus, where you get on a Skype call with them for 1 hour for instance.

If you are selling a fitness product such as treadmills or other fitness products then you could give them a free E-book on fitness tips this will surely grab attention and create more engagement as they are already looking at your product and interested in finding a solution.

Tip #5 - Success depends on the customer not you

In order to make money in HTAM you simply need to target the right audience, finding people that are serious about making a "living" online because the sales you get with high ticket affiliate marketing are life changing, but the cost of getting into high ticket affiliate marketing is also a lot more than your low and medium ticket. Qualify your leads and don't just load your funnel with clients that are looking to get rich for free...we all know this does not exist.