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Well here we are again updating you on todays modern marketing trends and how to keep up to be successful. Today my digest is all about helping your website and yourself stay alive in the SEO world in 2017 and beyond.

We have come a long way in only a couple of years which its why it is important for you to always stay current with the latest marketing news. If you want to keep your website on top of the pile then you must also keep up with the latest SEO algorithms.

So here I have 5 of my top tips for keeping your website, and online presence, modern and compliant.

# 1 - Mobile Responsive is non negotiable


FACT : Did you know that Google Has 2 Different Search Indexes?: One for Mobile Search and One for Desktop Search?

Did you also know that in 2015 Google declared that for the first time in history Mobile searches overtook desktop and laptop search? These two facts alone are enough to make you turn off all distractions and pay attention right?

I want you to do me a quick favour look away from this article a moment and take a look around you... are any other people looking up from their screens, or are they all just as absorbed as you were a moment ago? Don't worry I'm not trying to say we have all turned into lazy unsociable zombies, although many people would agree with that, I'm simply pointing out the fact that we have turned to quick responsive mobile apps and sites for our content. So you need to have a good mobile presence and strategy in place tovital to keep your audiences attention because mobile is where people are.

If you need to update your website to become mobile friendly then you can do this yourself by using Wordpress or other similar platform where they are automatically compliant for mobile. If you have designed your site without and need the code updating I highly recommend using a good web designer to update your site.

#2 - Video Marketing - Suck it up and just do it!

Video marketing is quickly becoming crucial for all marketing efforts and especially SEO....Did you know that adding a video to your content can increase your chances of a first page appearance on Google by over 50 times! Surely this is a pretty damn good excuse to start brushing off your video fears and step in front of the camera?

Learn how to optimise your videos correctly for search engines here.

By posting a video to your social media platforms your followers are actually 10 times more likely to engage with your posts by sharing your video and commenting.

Do you have an email list ? If so then you should consider adding more videos to your emails because it is has been proven that adding video to your email campaigns actually increases click through rates ( CTR ) by over 50%.


#3 - Facebook Business Page

With over a billion active users each month you simply can not ignore having Facebook as one of your social media platforms for your business. A good way to view the reason is when someone checks you out on Facebook and “likes” your page or comments on a post, they’re showing that they are linking your company and want to keep updated.

Think about all the likes and sharing that goes on... eventually you will have a lot of word of mouth from your followers and hey you're not paying them!

Facebook is also one of the best advertising platforms due to its insane pin pointing ability, you can create targeted marketing campaigns (like promotions, deals and events) to groups of people based on specific interests that are relevant to your business.

Note* I would strongly advise that you get some training on Facebook advertising before jumping headfirst into one of the most complex and strict platforms out there. Facebook is renowned for being overly strict with advertising guidelines.



#4 - Blogging...its not dead!

Many people say that Blogging has died out and is age old way of marketing, well I strongly disagree with's not dead, the game has simply changed. "Blogging" as a search term on Google has actually fallen yes BUT the term "how to become a blogger" or "blogging tips" has increased and the reason for this is because Googles algorithm has changed and looking for more quality over quantity in Blogs.

My top reason for adding Blogging to your arsenal is because you can own the space, have the content which you want to have on there with no rules of what you can and cannot post. With Social media you are limited to what you are posting as you are playing by their rules. Being an influencer on social platforms is becoming more difficult but blogs are the space that allows influencers to tell their story, expressing their true voice and actually have more people share on social spaces in order to become an influencer.

So is blogging dead? No, it's simply evolved and is used in more places than before.


#5 - High Retention Content

High retention content is now the number one factor in SEO, no longer do you get ranked because you have thousands of back links or if your featured in top sites. Its all about creating eye catching engaging content which ensures your visitors are going to stick around and view it for longer than the average time, Google will notice this and reward you especially YouTube.

YouTube is the best place to bring in more "customers" to your brand that are actively looking for help. If you notice your videos are getting a lot of views, that’s good but are these views that matter. If someone only watches your content for a few seconds and then clicks away, then yes this will count as a view on your channel but its generally not good for your business.

If someone watches your whole video without skipping or clicking away then this is counted as a "high retention YouTube view" and if you are a YouTube partner then you can actually earn from these videos. High retention views means you have engaged followers who are more than likely going to continue watching all your videos in full.

High retention views are a high factor when ranking your videos on Google just as a website is for page browsing and clicking through the deep links in your site, Google loves to see interaction on your site and more importantly retention on your videos.

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