HTAM stands for "High Ticket Affiliate Marketing" and its a very common method that many top earners in Internet Marketing use. Selling high ticket affiliate products will help you reach your goals a lot faster than if you were to stick to lower ticket programs. In my latest No-Nonsense digest here I tell you why I think making money from HTAM is the quickest way to gain financial freedom.

Why I choose HTAM - High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Of course if anyone was to ask me to help them start a second stream of income I would always assess what their goals were and if they told me they wanted to attain financial freedom and live their lives with free time and the ability to work anywhere then it would be High Ticket Affiliate Marketing programs that offer high-end products I would be pointing them to.

Why do I feel so strongly about HTAM ? well let me give you my No Nonsense answer...

Small Affiliate Programs are slowly dying

I am not over stepping the mark when i say this and I know i probably struck a few nerves there with my fellow marketers reading this article, but the fact is it true and here are the reasons.

  • Items are costing less in the shops such as laptops and even groceries as supermarkets rage wars against each other
  • Companies don't pay employees as much as they used to
  • Affiliate programs where you sell $10 items for instance would net you LESS than $1 after taxes
  • More people list smaller items meaning more choice for your market.

These are just a select few reasons but the biggy is this...

If I gave you a task to make $2000 in the shortest time possible and i gave you two options, both paying 10% commissions, first would be to sell a High Ticket educational product worth $5000 earning you a $500 and the second would be a lower ticket educational DVD collection worth $200 earning you $20 commission, which would you choose?

Lets do the Math.

You would need to sell only 4 of the HTAM product to reach your goal where as with the lower ticket product you would have to sell 100!.

Please don't take this as gospel from me because I would still have lower ticket products in your marketing strategy you, Especially when those lower items may go together nicely with your high value product. Selling lower ticket items to your followers builds more trust when they see the value and they may buy higher ticket from you later on.

Here is proof of one of my High Ticket Sales


my primary HTAM product

If you have read my story you would know that i finally settled on my high ticket product after years of failing at other programs so that you guys dont have to, and to be quite honest they really did suck! they never performed for me as promised.

My primary business Inbox Project pays me $1250 all the way up to $10500 per sale and not only that but i also get to drive the vehicle of my choosing paid for by my HTAM program.. yes i can drive it for free!. This is the joy of HTAM and why you really must add it to your "plan".

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