A lot of people don’t really get HTAM or High Ticket Affiliate Marketing it is always seen as a bit of a dark area but this is only because it can cost you a large investment to secure your position. So why do people invest in HTAM instead of the smaller ticket options such as clickbank or JVZoo?

Lets dive right in...

High ticket affiliate marketing explained

High Ticket Sales and commissions are usually from $1000 upwards , and what you sell would mainly be business education and coaching products such as licences and masterminds that provide awesome value and top notch support to your client.

You see the whole point of a HTAM program is that it doesn’t really matter if you don’t break even on the front-end of your sale because the backend will certainly make up for any costs you had for traffic. So it can be nearly a whole month but when you get that sale ( and even better when you're sleeping ) it gives you that passion to keep going and simply scale this lucrative HTAM business up!.

Most HTAM products will have a system in place that does all the telling and selling for you through a video sales page, email, phone sales and even physical post, all you do is send traffic to your link. The HTAM system I am personally involved in and highly recommend is MOBE and I market this through my own brand Inbox Project.

High ticket affiliate marketing give people the opportunity to earn lots of money with each sale but is this really the only benefit of promoting high ticket affiliate programs? Let me run through with you why exactly you should be involved in HTAM and my top benefits for doing so.

Benefits of HTAM - High ticket affiliate marketing

  • Builds trust with your clients and followers creating the chance of repeat business for you. When someone purchases a high ticket product from you they have shown great trust in you and this could be a good opportunity for repeat business as they will turn to you if they hear of any other products on the market that could help them. Remember this because it is much easier to close the sale with someone the second time around.

TIP : When you have built trust and authority with your followers and they have purchased a high ticket product or service from you then what I personally recommend is to segment your email marketing list so you can send different emails to people who have already made purchases from you. This way you can send this segmented list emails about related products that they will also be interested in.

  • Your own brand - You may be an affiliate but you can become well known in the affiliate marketing community, this is also known as an " influence " or " authority figure " this can help you make more sales.

TIP: Create your own products. When you start building your brand and become that authority figure in the affiliate marketing community you will be able to create your very own product, maybe a video course or even just a book, what ever you create your followers will surely want to hear about it. Remember that your high ticket customers will want to hear all about your own products especially if they assist and help them to develop their own brand which is where you started, you will find it much easier to market your own product to your buyers list.

  • One sale is all thats needed. When you start a high ticket program you will see the massive commissions that are on offer, and depending on your current full time job most HTAM product sales can set the average person up for a month from just a single sale.

TIP: Lets put it like this ... say you had a target of $2500 for the month and you have just two products you can market to try and hit that target, the first being you're newly attained HTAM product paying a commission of $1250 per sale minimum and the second being a $25 book about affiliate marketing. In order to make the monthly target of £2500 you would need to be selling at least 3 of the books every day where as with the HTAM product you would need just 2 sales over the 30/31 days... I know which one I would choose but what do you think? and before you answer that I know its granted that selling books may be easier but in my experience it's actually easier to sell one or two high ticket items than it is to sell 100 lower ticket items.

As I previously mentioned I am involved in high ticket marketing myself, I promote MOBE through my brand Inbox Project. I have been online now since 2007 when I owned my own web design and media development company from there I started to get more involved in internet marketing and ultimately HTAM - High ticket affiliate marketing. I can honestly say I have never looked back and I truly highly recommend you give HTAM a try if you are not yet involved.

If you are interested in joining the HTAM world and want me to coach you ( for free ) then I would be more than happy to have you on board with me. Also you will receive TWO free books, first one will be my Inbox Project book and secondly Matt Lloyds book Limitless which dives into the world of HTAM in more detail and the story of MOBE itself.

I hope you found this article helpful and maybe I will see you on the other side, either way I'm here to help just google me ;)